Why We Love Our Soaps, Exercise 1

Hi, soap fans! Thanks for visiting ttiforver.wordpress.com, as always and for reading this post. I hope you will leave a comment answering question in this exercise. The goal of it is to get us all talking with each other about how much soaps mean to us and to get you excited to do of the soap-saving activists tasks already posted on http://thistimeitsforever.org/yourturn.html and ones that will be posted soon.

This exercise is simple, and as I said, just go ahead and post your answer as a comment below.

How long have you watched your favorite soap/s still on the air, or how long did you watch them before they were canceled?

Can’t wait to hear your replies! I’ll get us started–I watched Loving for ten years, All My Children (AMC) and One Life to Live (OLTL) for 25, and am still watching General Hospital for going on 29! I look forward to restarting to watch AMC and OLTL when they come back, and continuing to watch GH.


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